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Firey Anger of Doom!

So Tara and I were on campus today. Tara had to go to work and I went with her to sell back some text books that Sarah left. We decided to kill some time and go in to the bookstore. ALL of the Mythology, etc section was GONE! They had a "WIccan & Pagan" section that contained all of five books - none of which pertained to wicca OR paganism at all. They were either stupid uplifting newage or fucking CS LEWIS!!!! When we asked what happened to the books, the lady behind the desk said they'd been moved to HISTORY!!! Guess what we found when we looked there? Less than 7 books on the Romans and Greeks (mostly historical) and one or two on Egypt. THere was nothing on ANYTHING else. THey have a good two and a half selves on CHristianity, but not one blessed book on true pagan religion, philosophy, or anything of that nature. While they were never the world's leading supplier, they usually had a fairly decent section that was mildly interesting and only somewhat erronious. At times their selection was better than Barnes & Nobles, and now this. In case you hadn't noticed, I am more than a little pissed. This is fucking bullshit. I know they had decent sales from those sections, so I'm having trouble coming up with reasons why they would eliminate it. Pagan tradtitions are the fastest growing releigions in the USA and several parts of europe. It's about fucking time people recognised it! Erg!!!
Jenn the Gypsy
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